Random Thoughts

As a rule, I stay away from newly married couples due to their unhealthy, inordinate penchant to get everyone around them married as soon as possible. ******************************************************* There exists a very fine difference between charity encompassed with love and a feint show of compassion which is done with the sole purpose of self glorification wherein … More Random Thoughts

Maternal Woes

I embarked on my journey to Mumbai on June, 2007. Days preceding my journey were excruciatingly tormenting psychologically as I was often plied with parental histrionics urging me to reconsider my decision to move to Mumbai for my higher studies. Mom was very adamant and also violent to some extent when she learnt about my … More Maternal Woes

Book Review – The Old Man and the Sea ~ Ernest Hemingway

The story is about a fisherman named Santiago, who is also very passionate about the American Baseball league (his favorite player being Joe DiMaggio). At the beginning of the story, Santiago is experiencing kind of a dry spell and has not been able to catch any fish for the past 84 days, owing to which … More Book Review – The Old Man and the Sea ~ Ernest Hemingway

Book Review – A Fine Balance ~ Rohinton Mistry

A Fine Balance is a wonderful historical fiction book by Rohinton Mistry. Although the author does not explicitly name the city in the entire book, but all his allusions refer to Mumbai (Bombay), during what is also known as the dark phase of India’s history, the Emergency, enforced by the then Prime Minister of India, … More Book Review – A Fine Balance ~ Rohinton Mistry

Book Review-The Bestseller She Wrote ~ Ravi Subramanian

The plot is about a narcissistic author, Aditya, who has a day job at the bank and at night he churns a few books in his spare time. Aditya has a wife named Maya and a son named Aryan (Aryan is elusive throughout the story, he does not appear in a single scene, they just fret and cry over his well-being). Maya and Aditya had been batch mates at IIM-B, and later decide to spend their lives together. After a brief stint of international exposure they return to India; Aditya gravitates towards banking and Maya concentrates on finding a higher meaning in life and associates herself in spreading education to the weaker section. … More Book Review-The Bestseller She Wrote ~ Ravi Subramanian

Book Review – Dongri to Dubai ~ S. Hussain Zaidi

The book chronicles a very detailed history of Mumbai’s underworld dons, with an extensive research spanning over a period of 6 years. The author, S. Hussain Zaidi, has started the book by providing excerpts of his telephonic conversation with the underworld kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim, which serves as an unconscious testimony to Mr. Zaidi’s contacts with the … More Book Review – Dongri to Dubai ~ S. Hussain Zaidi

Charity Ballyhoo ~ Virtuous or Abominable

Today it is practically impossible to read any newspaper and not stumble upon an article of some celebrities and companies touting certain charitable cause; their means vary from buxom models stripping to save animals from being slaughtered, pouring a bucket full of ice water on oneself, adopting children from third world countries, etc. No matter what … More Charity Ballyhoo ~ Virtuous or Abominable